System Assessment

The fourth step in the Systems Aproach Framework (SAF) is the system assessment.

Actions and tools

The System Assessment step of the SAF consists of a list of actions, which you can access in the menu to find more about each action.

There are also two tools that are useful to conduct some of the actions. The tools are presented in connection with the relevant action. 

Actions and tools for SAF assessment

Discussion with stakeholders

At the starting point of the system assessment step, the simulation analyses is completed and the results ready to be discussed with all the stakeholders.

The simulation results need to be processed in a manner that is easy to communicate to stakeholders. 


The system assessment step should take 2-4 months to complete. 


At the end of the system assessment step you should have a good overview of the consequences of potential management options to resolve the Issue. You have a good overview on the knowledge and perceptions of all the stakeholders involved and on potential reactions to decisions.
21 MAY 2024