Monitoring & Evaluation

The sixth step in the Systems Approach Framework (SAF) is the monitoring and evaluation. 

Actions and tools

The monitoring and evaluation step of the SAF consists of a list of actions, which you can access in the menu to find more about each action. 

There are also a three tools that are useful to conduct some of the actions. The tools are presented in connection with the relevant action.

Actions and tools for the SAF monitoring

Evaluating the outcomes

This monitoring and evaluation step is important to evaluate if the outcomes and objectives have been reached or if adjustments need to be made. 

The monitoring can be implemented soon after the implementation step, whereas the evaluation can take longer and can be considered beyond the time-frame of a SAF application.


Case study re-evaluations

Lagoon restoration, Germany

Moor restoration, Germany

Costal flood and risk management, Germany


Additional literature
21 MAY 2024