System Design

The second step in the Systems Aproach Framework (SAF) is the System Design.

During the System Design you develop the conceptual model for the virtual system related to the Policy Issue. This is where you assess data availability, define the various boundaries for your system, define success criteria and identify indicators and discuss potential management options with stakeholders. These management options will form the basis for scenario simulations in the next SAF step. 

Actions and tools

The System Design step of the SAF consists of a list of actions, which you can access in the menu to find more about each action.

There is also a tool that is useful to conduct some of the actions. The tool is presented in connection with the relevant action. 

Actions and tools



The System Design step should take 2-3 months to complete.


By the end of the System Design step you have a conceptual model with clearly defined Ecological-Social-Economic (ESE) linkages, defined boundaries of the virtual system and have an overview of available data.

You have also discussed potential management scenarios that should be built into the model.
14 JULY 2024