The fifth step in the Systems Aproach Framework (SAF) is the implementation.


The implementation step of the SAF consists of a list of actions, which you can access in the menu to find more about each action. 


Implementation of decision

The implementation step is where the managers take on the responsibility of implementing the most likely decision reached through the SAF process so far.

How well this step progresses illustrates in part how successful the SAF has been in science-policy integration and stakeholder engagement.

External factors can also hinder this step of the SAF such as political change, governance restructuring or other external events such as natural disasters, economic crisis or social unrest.


The implementation step should take 2-4 months to complete. 


At the end of the implementation step a Policy decision has been made and implemented.

Communication with the stakeholders involved has allowed them to recognize how their input has contributed to the decision and how the decision is being implemented.

The successful completion of the step reflects accountability and transparency embedded in a robust governance system. It enhances citizen trust and support.
14 JULY 2024