Discuss potential management scenarios with stakeholders

By the end of the system design step you have a conceptual model with clearly defined Ecological-Social-Economic (ESE) linkages, defined boundaries of the virtual system and have an overview of available data.

At this stage, the Systems Approach (SAF) team should consult with managers and stakeholders to get their view on the Conceptual Model, and discuss and identify potential management scenarios that should be built into the Ecological-Social-Economic (ESE) model.

It is vital to consult with stakeholders in order to be able to develop an ESE model that allows simulation of scenarios that are sustainable, applicable and, to the extent possible, favoured by (the majority of) the stakeholders.

Stakeholder meeting
Stakeholder meeting for the Limfjord study site
Ref: Dinesen GE, Timmermann K, Roth E, et al. (2011). Mussel production and water framework directive targets in the Limfjord, Denmark: an integrated assessment for use in system-based management. Ecol Soc 16.

Stakeholder meeting
Stakeholder meeting for the Coronian Lagoon Study site
Ref: Schernewski G, Baltranaitė E, Kataržytė M, et al. (2017a). Establishing new bathing sites at the Curonian Lagoon coast: an ecological-social-economic assessment. J Coastal Conservation, 1–13.


24 JANUARY 2022