Assemble data inputs and variables

This task is the start of the preparations for the ESE model based on the conceptual model. For each of the ESE model components, actions should be carried out. 

Key actions

  • Identify input data and useful variables (drivers, response).
  • Assemble metadata for the input data in an Input Table, incl. variable type, units, replicate level, spatio-temporal resolution, and source(s) (see the Learn more box).
  • Identify the functions and numerical models necessary for the simulation analyses (see the Learn more box).
  • Identify and acquire the required software.
  • Acquire, analyse and test variability of the input data.
  • Assess the suitability of input data and other variables and information.

Learn more

Find examples of an Input table and further information about this action in the Learn more box on this page.
21 MAY 2024