Formulate, document, hindcast/calibrate and validate ESE model components and auxiliary models

This task involves the model formulation, testing and documentation of all auxiliary models and ESE model units, and the individually assemblage sub-models (Ecological, Social, Economic) in preparation for assemblage of the integrated ESE model. 

Key actions

  • Formulate and test functional units and auxiliary model.
  • Assemble and test each of the individual sub-models (ESE model inputs).
  • Run hindcast and validation tests of sub-models (Ecological, Social, Economic).
  • Run sub-models separately for purposes of Interpretive analyses (diagrams, tables).
  • Revised the Virtual System (boundaries, scales).
  • Revise the Input table of variables, formulas and auxiliary model outputs used in ESE model simulation.

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In the Learn more box on this page you can find examples of an Input Table, model description and modul formulation.
14 JUNE 2024