Map stakeholder preferences

Before engaging stakeholders, it is important to map their prior consultation experience before deciding on a plan of action on how to engage them. This may be due to poor prior experiences that may have generated tension, fatigue or low level of support from stakeholders.

The aim of engaging stakeholders is to identify and prioritize the Policy Issue(s).

Key actions

  • Map previous stakeholder consultations.
  • Develop a plan for stakeholder engagement (see examples in the Learn more box).

With the stakeholders you need to:

  • Map their preferences.
  • Prioritize and agree on the Pollicy Issue(s).
  • Agree on goals and objectives for the Policy Issue(s).
  • Identify success criteria for the overall objective of the Systems Approach Framework (SAF) application.

Learn more

Find e-learning material, tools and examples in the Learn more box on this page.
24 JANUARY 2022