Map stakeholders

It is important to ensure that you engage all relevant persons or representatives of groups or organizations.

Who are the stakeholders?

Stakeholders are those individual persons and representatives of groups and organizations:

  • who are affecting resources negatively
  • who are interested and/or affected but not responsible
  • who are affected by further change or by not doing anything. 

SAF organization

The stakeholders are engaged together with the managers (Governance, those who take and implement decisions) and the SAF core team, which comprises a team leader (who can be a government representative or from a private company/organization) and scientists from different disciplines, that cover all aspects of the issue. Click to see larger version of the figure

Map level of stakeholder engagement  

Stakeholder mapping also includes exploring:

  • their interests, conflict points 
  • previous participation experience
  • minority viewpoints
  • influence and networks
  • level of participation.

Stakeholders' degree of “interest” or engagement varies from highly involved to browsers (see figure). 


Learn more

See e-learning material on how to map and engage stakeholders and find examples of stakeholder mapping in the Learn more box on this page.
24 JANUARY 2022